Our Signature Pizzas

Mexicano image
World-famous Mexican Fajita comes as seasoned chicken chunks with spicy red sauce filled with cheese, topped with capsicums, jalapenos, onions tomatoes, and olives which gives the pizza a tangy flavorful touch.
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Tandoori Tashan image
Tandoori Tashan
Roasted chicken marinated in yogurt and homemade spices, giving the meat its trademark red color compliments with red sauce dressed with onions, tomato, olives and mix of cheese makes it region’s favorite.
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Vegan Island image
Vegan Island
Vegetables and cheese can’t go better than here with our secret sauce. Loaded with Onions, capsicums, tomatoes, olives, corns and mushrooms. Once you go vegan you never Go back!
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Smoke Fusion image
Smoke Fusion
Loved by people of all ages, our signature chicken topping infused with smoke gives the pizza a mild taste but unique flavor, topped with capsicum, onions, tomatoes and black olives.
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Guys Special image
Guys Special
Guys special is the signature homemade recipe with a crispy filled crust, tangy marinara sauce, and a combination of delicious loaded toppings full of meat and veggies which makes our Guys special pizza standout in the crowd!
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Cheese Vaganza image
Cheese Vaganza
Feast on our signature cheeselicious hand-tossed cheese vaganza, made with a combination of cheeses that make the pizza look extravagant and appealing to the eyes as well as to the taste.
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T-Rex (Town's Biggest Pizza) image
T-Rex (Town's Biggest Pizza)
Run for your life!!! cu’z you need to think a 1000 time before daring to handle this beast. Biggest pizza in the twin cities, size 22” available in (square & round) shape. Taste it to know it. We bet, you will fall in love at first slice.
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